Principled Business is not just a name, not just an idea, but a way of doing business that works.

Principled Business offers ethics training and consultancy to help your company establish and maintain an ethical business culture. We will not only help you ensure compliance with the Bribery Act, but we also give your staff the confidence to be both Ethical and Effective, bringing the benefits of an enhanced reputation and an improved bottom line.

This video introduces you to Principled Business’s founders, Chris Rees and Paul Palmarozza. We are experienced businessmen who have been delivering courses in business ethics for ten years, in addition to our commercial activities, building and floating successful businesses. Please contact us to learn more.

Our unique dramatic role play-based training offering gives your people the knowledge and the tools they need to deal with the ethical and business dilemmas they face. Our dramatic videos are based on experience. They are scripted by a BAFTA-nominated scriptwriter, performed by professional actors and filmed to TV quality. In this sample video “Chris’s” firm is asked for a facilitation payment for a licence. “Geoff” comes up with a solution.

A suite of distance learning and other resources is also available to make it easy to roll out the training globally.

STOP PRESS!Our eLearning programme featuring training in Business Ethics, The Bribery Act and Dramatic Role Plays is now available.

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